Our Story

BlackCat was founded in 2012 by Simon and Craig, who shared passion for maximising product delivery velocity through DevOps principles of hyper-performance and continuous improvement.

We envisioned a consultancy that would provide a one stop shop for accelerating product delivery – living and breathing these principles to bring together the technical with the organisational into an environment for maximum performance and learning.

Our mission is to make a lasting difference to all of the clients we work with.

Over the past 7 years, we have grown from 5 people to over 120, working from offices in Birmingham and London, where we work, learn, and deliver value for our clients.

Day in, day out.

Our Values

First and foremost, we aim for excellence at all times. Our question is never “How fast do we need to go?” but instead “How fast can we go?“. This is the key to flow in product delivery, which as at the heart of DevOps principles.

Delivering on this principle requires a fully collaborative environment, providing the psychological safety for open communications as a means to maximum learning and improvement. In today’s market where demand outstrips supply, and the state of the art advances ever more quickly, the best individuals demand this kind of environment.

We live this principle at all times – nasty surprises help no-one, and we will always have the courage to say what we believe to be true, and in yourbest interest.

Because in the long term, that has to be in our best interest also.

What we stand for

We move forwards – by personal, professional and organisational continuous improvement, discovery and learning.

We enjoy what we do – by being great at it, and by having work-life balance to ensure that when we’re working, we’re fresh and laser-focused.

We are pragmatic – we have worked with enough large companies to know that there are many ways to implement the right values and create an environment of maximum performance. We are sensitive to your organisational culture and context, and will work with you on a journey of continual improvement that is never dogmatic.

We advance the state of our customers – however long or short a time you choose to work with us, we will always make a lasting positive difference to your development organisation.

We advance the state of our art – by hosting meetups where professionals can learn from each other, by performing internal research and development into leading edge technologies, and by engaging with academic institutions to attract the best individuals into our industry.