AUTHOR:  Joao Ferreira, Principal Business Analyst at BlackCat

Developing a Strong Roadmap for Long-Term Value

Many product development projects fail because there is either no product vision or the vision is not clearly conveyed to development teams.  Teams can also lose sight of the vision as they struggle to balance stakeholder expectations.  Despite setting out with the best of intentions, dev teams end up focusing on just the next sprint or the next release resulting in burn out, which in turn slows output and value creation. 

When it gets to this point, how does the Project Owner get things back on track?  Or even better, how do they avoid getting to this point in the first place?  There’s no silver bullet, but there are a number of tools and techniques that can be deployed to give yourself the best chance of success.

What you will learn

This paper explores the diverse and challenging role of the Product Owner and considers:

  • The main reasons businesses struggle to deliver product value
  • How to break a cycle of fire-fighting and accelerate the delivery of value
  • How to achieve the right balance to meet short and long-term goals
  • When to say ‘no’

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Keeping Sight of the Product Vision.

Author:  Joao Ferreira.

Who contributed to this article

  • Joao Ferreira
    Principle Business Analyst

    Joao Ferreira is BlackCat’s principle business analyst. He acts as a vital link between process owners, endusers and development teams, helping customers define product visions which deliver business value. Joao’s background is in development but over the past decade he has taken on increasingly strategic technical roles, including a number of years as a product owner for a leading technology company. Joao has a degree from the Santarem School of Management and Technology, is a certified Scrum Product Owner and an accredited member of the Chartered Institute of IT.