AUTHOR: Matt Todd, Chief Architect at BlackCat Solutions

What you will learn:

  • Why data democratisation is the key to generating actionable insights
  • The role and needs of various business stakeholders in data discovery and insight building
  • The new generation technology components which enable self-service analytics
  • Why good data governance is more important than ever


For many years, data was seen as the exclusive realm of the IT department, with other business stakeholders having to make specific requests to access the information they needed to make decisions. Today, the data landscape has evolved dramatically. Organisations are impacted by the proliferation of information and recognise the need to be data driven but are at different levels of maturity in achieving this goal.

Some businesses are already implementing strategies to enable them to make sense of this data and reap the benefits of understanding more about their customer needs. Central to this process is the distribution of relevant information to internal teams to help with decision making; a step-change from conventional data sharing practices. With this plethora of available information at our disposal, businesses are demanding actionable insights and herein lies the problem. Data insight in itself does not deliver value. Value is only generated when a business acts on these insights.

And, in order to turn data into actionable insights, you need to democratise it – break down silos to ensure that the right information reaches the right people throughout the business. This can then be interpreted and used to gain real business advantage.

The evolution of architecture, tools and technology is now acting as an enabler to democratise this data securely. However, while there is a huge amount of industry effort spent in building data platforms that transform raw data into consumable information, there is a lack of collective industry best practice about how to best democratise this data. This can lead to delays, set-backs, re-work and ultimately a platform, potentially comprising multiple services from multiple vendors, that is not fit for purpose.

This whitepaper will offer considerations and an approach to help you democratise your data more effectively.

Read the whitepaper here.

Democratising your Data; A Blueprint for Turning Big Data into Actionable Insights

Author: Matt Todd


Who contributed to this article

  • Matt Todd
    Chief Architect

    Matt Todd is BlackCat’s Chief Architect, helping our clients create and execute technology and data strategies that solve complex business problems. Matt has nearly 20 years experience as a consultant in the technology and data space, including 10 years as co-founder of an application development company. Latterly, he has been at the forefront of thinking regarding data lakes and their role in helping businesses manage and realise the value of Big Data. Matt gained a BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science at the University of Birmingham and has remained an active member of the Birmingham technology scene. He set up the Docker and Cloud Native MeetUps and is a regular speaker and host at their events.