AUTHOR: Matt Todd, Chief Architect at BlackCat

A Value-First Approach to Data-Lake Implementation

Businesses are generating data in high volumes at high velocity, however without effective tools, they struggle to manage it effectively.  Furthermore, data often resides in disparate silos.  Consequently, ingesting and interpreting the data becomes a time-consuming distraction from effort which could be used to extract value. Many businesses are turning to data lakes as the answer.

But is a data lake really the answer?  And where do they start?

In order to answer these questions, businesses firstly need to focus on the ‘value’ of their data rather than purely the technology solution.  The paper explores the prevalence of data lake implementation versus established data warehouse schemes. However, rather than offering a detailed guide to each technology, it suggests that businesses should take a strategy-first approach, focusing on the business outcomes they wish to achieve.

What you will learn

  • Why do I need a data strategy?
  • How do I define which data to leverage and how?
  • How to plan an approach and avoid common pitfalls?
  • Is a data lake right for my business?


Read the whitepaper here.

Riding the Wave of the Data Revolution

Author: Matt Todd

Who contributed to this article

  • Matt Todd
    Chief Architect

    Matt Todd is BlackCat’s Chief Architect, helping our clients create and execute technology and data strategies that solve complex business problems. Matt has nearly 20 years experience as a consultant in the technology and data space, including 10 years as co-founder of an application development company. Latterly, he has been at the forefront of thinking regarding data lakes and their role in helping businesses manage and realise the value of Big Data. Matt gained a BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science at the University of Birmingham and has remained an active member of the Birmingham technology scene. He set up the Docker and Cloud Native MeetUps and is a regular speaker and host at their events.