Evidence suggests that the professional anxiety caused by the COVID crisis, combined with the impact of 5 days a week of remote working, has eroded employees’ psychological safety – a top characteristic of high-performing teams. Whilst lockdown is now relaxing, we predict that businesses will continue to expect and enable their employees to routinely work from home on a scale not previously seen.

How can technology leaders reinforce psychological safety in the ‘new normal’?
How can team members look after their own wellbeing and reduce professional anxiety?

What We Cover

Our webinar provides practical tips for technology leaders and their teams to help rebuild and reinforce psychological safety in the ‘new normal’.

  • What we mean by psychological safety and why it’s so important
  • Different types of wellbeing and how they impact psychological safety
  • What to look out for – indications that psychological safety is being eroded in your team
  • Practical suggestions for supporting the wellbeing of your employees
  • Looking ahead – bringing teams back together after furlough

On-demand webinar

Watch the webinar and download the presentation slides for tips and ideas to look after the wellbeing of your teams post lockdown.

Who contributed to this article

  • Craig Barker
    Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder, BlackCat

    Craig Barker is BlackCat’s Chief Customer Officer and co-founder. He acts as the voice of the customer, ensuring the business remains focussed on their needs and that we always deliver the best possible outcomes. Craig also supports BlackCat’s engagement and delivery functions and can often be found guiding and coaching our teams, encouraging a culture of collaboration and learning. Craig’s background is technical. Prior to founding BlackCat with Simon Godden, he gained a first class honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Aston then built up almost 20 years experience in delivering innovative software across a variety of industry sectors. He’s an advocate of lean and agile methodologies and is happiest in the thick of the most complex of deliveries.

  • Charlotte Dicken
    Managing Director, Dicken Consulting Ltd

    Charlotte Dicken helps businesses to achieve great results through great people. She has over 20 years experience working with companies to identify their key talent, develop future and current leaders and support teams and individuals to become the best versions of themselves. Recent and current clients include BlackRock, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Royal Bank of Canada, JP Morgan, MUFG, Jupiter Asset Management, QBE Insurance, Schroders and Tradeweb. With a background in psychology, Charlotte began her consulting career with Accenture, where she was the lead Human Performance consultant on a number of significant business change programmes, including large-scale culture change initiatives and global systems implementations.