High Performing Teams

On shore, on budget, on site or fully remote.

BlackCat builds, nurtures and develops highly functioning technology teams who deliver at pace. Then we make all that knowledge and experience available to you in our flexible engagement model.

  • You need additional capacity and can't recruit quickly enough
  • You need access to specific technical skills and can't get the headcount to recruit.
  • You are suffering from employee churn in a highly competitive market

How we help

Scaling up quickly or finding the right level of specialist expertise can be the biggest barrier to winning the race to innovate.  BlackCat provides the skills and capacity to accelerate your product development and increase your ability to innovate.

How we do this depends entirely on you and your needs. We can supply entire teams, own entire projects or embed individuals within your in-house team.

We pride ourselves on being sensitive and adaptive to organisational culture and have the experience to push your teams on to deliver sprint after sprint.

Check out our guiding principles to learn more about the BlackCat Way.

We work with you

BlackCat puts a broad and deep skill set at your disposal, right when and where you need it – developers, technologists, architects, analysts and consultants who know all about collaboration and collective accountability.

Between us, we have an extensive pool of cumulative knowledge. We draw on this constantly to ensure the technology solutions we deliver are leading edge, future-proofed and right for your organisation. 

We will select the right team for your specific needs so you can trust us to deliver the best possible product or solution whilst you focus on your core business.

  • Access to high quality skills and resource when you need it
  • Flexibility - scale up at pace, scale down when necessary
  • Avoid the time, cost and risk associated with recruitment and training

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Whitepaper - Why Culture is Key to Digital Transformation

This whitepaper by Alison Shepherd, BlackCat’s Talent Manager, takes an in-depth look at what we mean by culture, why it matters to technology leaders and what they can do to positively influence it to drive digital transformation.

On-demand Webinar - wellness for technical teams

Our webinar offers practical tips for looking after employee wellbeing. We ask what the impact of lockdown has been on Psychological Safety and discuss how technology leaders and their teams need to respond in the ‘new normal’. Hosts: BlackCat Co-Founder, Craig Barker and psychologist & personal development expert, Charlotte Dicken. Duration – 45 minutes including Q&A.

Case Study - Elsevier

Elsevier brought BlackCat on board to collaboratively accelerate their programme delivery, through a combination of focussed high performing teams backed by highly effective consultancy.  Read how we did it.

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