Modern integration solutions provide cost-effective ways of enabling all of your systems to talk to each other, enhancing their value to your overall business.

BlackCat have extensive experience of using open source integration engines such as Mule ESB and Apache ServiceMix to allow both new and legacy systems to interact within overall business workflows, enabling budgets to be spent where they really add value, without jeopardising the integration of the overall business systems landscape.

Inter-system Messaging

At the basic level, ubiquitous HTTP communication methods allow almost any system, new or old, to talk to its peers in the systems landscape. No more excuses, no more barriers!

Enterprise Service Bus

Moving up the value chain, an ESB can provide a centralised infrastructure for the mediation and monitoring of messages in a mixed systems landscape. Canonical data formats can be defined, and adapters developed to translate once from the canonical format to the specific format of each participating system. This replaces legacy point-to-point integration scenarios in which systems communicate directly, and where multiple adapters have to be created with overlapping functionality, in a “cat’s cradle” manner.