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Whether you’re just getting started on your journey to cloud or are already there and need to optimise an existing solution, BlackCat cloud services will help define and build what you need now – and into the future.

  • Your software platform can't cope with the evolving needs of your business
  • You're paying too much for your existing cloud solution
  • You need improved security for business critical and sensitive data

How we help

BlackCat offers cloud consulting, cloud migration, cloud optimisation and cloud native application development services. We have significant experience architecting solutions for the cloud, and performing both lift and shift migrations, and re-engineering solutions to take full advantage of cloud environments.  

Our cloud experts are proficient in working in multiple environments and as a business we are an AWS Consulting Partner.  In order to keep up with and share latest thinking, BlackCat team members are heavily involved with the Docker community, regularly hosting the Birmingham Docker Meetup.


Cloud Native

We are experienced in emerging Cloud Native technologies. These provide the ability to run solutions that are engineered for the cloud, in a completely vendor-agnostic manner, protecting organisations from vendor lock-in, and allowing greater business continuity by being able to quickly implement across multiple cloud providers.

  • Reduce risks and effort of on-going maintenance
  • Ensure security and compliance of data
  • Avoid cloud waste, optimise costs

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Blog - Yet Another Kubernetes (k8s) Guide

Senior BlackCat Developer Andy MacDonald’s take on how to learn Kubernetes from the ground up. Head over to our technical blog on the insights section to read this and more from the BlackCat technical community.

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