Bespoke Software Development

Product development is a never-ending lifecycle.  We’ll help you drive it at every stage.

  • A legacy system is no longer fit for purpose
  • You need to react quickly to a move by your competitor
  • You've outgrown the systems you've used in the past

How we help

BlackCat’s software development service delivers world-class products built to meet the needs of your business and your users.  It’s essentially about collaboration – you know the needs of your market.  We have the engineering skills and capacity to bring those needs to life.

Firstly, we make sure we fully understand the outcomes you are trying to achieve. Then we help you define a product strategy to get there as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Sometimes this means taking a step back and challenging to ensure that development remains focussed on delivering value and is aligned with your product vision.

We work with you

At every stage of the product journey, you will have access to a dedicated team of skilled engineers who will build the right solution to deliver your business outcomes.

We use techniques such as Impact Mapping and Story Mapping to retain context as effectively as possible. We’ll help you keep your backlogs in shape, and ensure you know exactly where we are in the development cycle. 

BlackCat engineers are skilled in all major technologies and always look for the best solution to solve a business problem.  This means you can be confident in the quality, scalability and longevity of the bespoke software we deliver.




  • Accelerate delivery of the right software for your business
  • Remain focussed on delivering value for the business and end user
  • Pay for what you need rather than unwanted features in off-the-shelf packages

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Whitepaper - Keeping Sight of the Product Vision

This whitepaper examines the role of the product owner in defining and communicating the product vision and provides practical ideas for getting things back on track if they go off-course.

Case Study - Informed360

Informed360’s  unique cloud-based ethics & compliance platform aligns core program requirements with device-friendly applications and powerful third-party data integration.  Read how BlackCat built their solution from scratch.

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