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Optimise, standardise, learn, repeat.

Streamlining complex process and removing unnecessary human intervention through automation will help eliminate waste across the entire DevOps lifecycle. BlackCat automation services will design and build tailored, frictionless automated processes to improve speed, consistency, insight and security.

  • You want to increase the speed and efficiency of your development cycles
  • You're looking to quickly scale up development and delivery
  • You're looking to reduce release times

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Our consultants are experts in automating tailored continuous integration and deployment pipelines using industry standard tools, that can take your release time down to minutes when complemented by the appropriate testing and supporting processes.

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Carefully crafted automation is the key to reduced cycle times, increased feedback and elimination of waste. But while most things can theoretically be automated, the cost/benefit tradeoff has to be analysed. Implemented well, they are they key to allowing us to deliver value as quickly as possible, and stay ahead of the competition. Implemented badly, they will not give us the confidence to deliver without fear of regression.

We have extensive experience of evaluating these considerations, and of the tools and processes required to deliver this vital facet of modern product delivery.

  • Scale up at speed
  • Reduce release times
  • Provide insights for on-going learning

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