Application Architecture

Built to Evolve

Change is the only constant in business. BlackCat architects will ensure your application architecture can grow along with your goals. Flexibility and security will be built in from the ground up so you can respond to evolving business priorities and leverage the full value of emerging technologies.

  • Too many disparate, highly customised systems in various business units
  • You want to adopt new technologies but are restricted by your existing architecture
  • Your existing architecture is creaking and at risk of failure

How we help

BlackCat architects have a wealth of experience of typical application development patterns and issues. We use this cumulative knowledge to design new systems or re-engineer existing ones in order to provide your business with a robust, scalable and easy-to-maintain digital foundation. You’ll also benefit from increased security and better performance from a system built specifically for your needs.


Microservices are emerging as an important element in architecture design. The concept is based on applications built on modular, component parts, which work together, in contrast to a traditional ‘monolithic’ development approach.

Used properly, Microservices have already proven to be very effective in improving agility and speeding up releases to production. However the enabling technologies and ecosystem are still emerging and consequently you have to proceed with caution.

Talk to us about how Microservices could be a good choice for your business.

  • Adopt emerging technologies more effectively
  • Improve and simplify user experiences
  • Keep feature development running at maximum speed

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