Agile & DevOps Training & Delivery

Tried Agile and DevOps but it’s proving harder than expected to start finding and delivering the value? You know you need to transition from waterfall but need help embedding the change? You’re struggling to work out how to make Agile work at scale? You’re not alone. We can help.

  • You need to develop better products more quickly
  • You need to be more innovative to compete
  • You just can't deliver

How we help

At BlackCat we live and breathe DevOps and fully understand the pragmatic application of Agile principles. We’ve worked with some great companies so we know there are many ways to implement the right values and create an environment of maximum performance.

Equally, we understand the challenges at various stages of the Agile and DevOps journey, whether you’re just thinking about making the change or whether you are already well on the way.

BlackCat can help in a number of ways.

Programme Audit

We provide an audit service to help benchmark your current Agile and DevOps practices.  This will identify areas for improvement based on your own business environment and goals. Think of this as a health check for your current and future product development programmes. BlackCat will recommend best practices to help you establish and embed a DevOps culture and achieve agility at scale.

Training & Mentoring

We often find that teams are familiar with Agile tools and ceremonies but are not adopting the necessary behaviours.  Consequently they fail to reap the full value. Agile and DevOps require a very different approach and mindset to waterfall development. Let us help up-skill your team. We can either do this by embedding BlackCat technicians in your team to work on a live programme, or we can provide training, whatever works best for your situation.

  • Increase collaboration and learning across the development and operations teams
  • Up-skill your own teams by increasing adoption of Agile and DevOps principles
  • Deliver on market and business demands for better products

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Whitepaper - Agile Transformation in the Real World

Many organisations have been through some sort of agile transformation, but feel they are not realising the full benefits they expected before embarking on the journey.  This paper considers why this is, what the common pitfalls are and tools and techniques to help you advance beyond a state of ‘pseudo-agility’.

Blog - When will you see the value of Agile?

Here’s a sentence you’ve all heard: “We’ve adopted agile, invested time, money and resources. When will we start to see the value?” In this blog, BlackCat Co-Founder, Craig Barker will explain just that. Agile is not just about the destination; the journey is as important.

Blog - Agility and Psychological Safety During Lockdown

The COVID pandemic has left industries shaken, crumbled once healthy retail giants and caused havoc with supply chains. But how have businesses with an agile mindset fared?

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