Initial release of filtering multi-select combo component

We’re pleased to announce the initial release of our filtering multi-select combo component.

You can see a demo here.

This component is designed to allow multiple selection from large data sets, and uses a regular dijit ComboButton combined with a custom popup that uses a dgrid for easy filtering.


  • Filter within large data sets to easily find the entries you want;
  • Choose whether to have selections applied immediately, or whether to wait for the user to click an ‘Apply’ button in the case that expensive operations are performed on change of selection;
  • Simple ‘Clear all’ option;
  • Presentation options including whether you want selection counts, and optionally nouns with those selection counts.

We’d love to get feedback on this component. Please try it out, and raise issues or pull requests for new features or improvements.

Simon Godden 26/02/2013