How We Help

Project Recovery

Getting things back on track.

Sometimes delivery goes off track, projects lose momentum or fail to deliver the anticipated value. BlackCat can help you understand what’s gone wrong and how to turn things around to get your project back on course.

  • Delivery has stalled or your team is not pulling together
  • Your pilot scheme failed to deliver the anticipated value
  • You've lost sight of your product vision

How we help

Despite best intentions, product development projects sometimes go off-course and a fresh perspective can really help understand why.

BlackCat will look at your current circumstances subjectively but sensitively from the perspective of an external expert. A core principle of how we do business is transparency with our customers so we will always give you our honest opinion of where things have gone off track and where we think corrective action could be made.


We work with you

We’ll review internal and external factors which could be negatively impacting your project. These will touch on process, methodologies, culture and technologies.

We’ll revisit and reevaluate your product vision. Have you lost sight of this somewhere along the way? What’s the value you’re trying to deliver?

We’ll assess team effectiveness. Have you suffered from churn? Are you lacking certain skills? Are you getting the necessary support from business leaders?

We’ll provide recommendations for corrective action and if necessary, help you deliver on those recommendations with the necessary skills and capacity to get you back on track

  • Get your delivery back on track
  • Re-evaluate your project to ensure it focuses on value delivery
  • Streamline your processes to optimise team success

Contact us to discuss how we can help

BlackCat Programme Audit Service

To get the ball rolling, BlackCat consultants can carry out an initial 2-day technical and organisiational programme audit. We’ll come back to you with a comprehensive, no obligation presentation of our unbiased advice and recommendations. 

Whitepaper - Keeping Sight of the Product Vision

Some projects fail to deliver due to failures with the product vision.  This whitepaper examines the role of the product owner in defining and communicating the vision and provides practical ideas for getting things back on track if they go off-course.

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