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Data Lake Blueprint

Data Lakes.  Swim, don’t drown.

Data lakes are emerging as a recognised solution for businesses to manage and make sense of their data. BlackCat  will help you get the right data to the right people around your business drawing on the latest thinking regarding successful implementation of data lakes.

  • You have created a data lake but it's not delivering the insights you'd hoped for
  • You're unsure if a data lake is the right thing for your business
  • You need to get more value from your data but don't know where to start

How we help

The flood of different types of data and the speed with which it travels means that many businesses struggle to manage it, let alone use it to better understand their customers and make good decisions.  Many businesses are turning to data lakes as the solution but with varying degrees of success as good practice continues to evolve.

Infrastructure is a critical component of dealing with Big Data but focussing purely on technology frequently fails to deliver the expected insights. Businesses need to focus on the value they want to extract from their data and develop a supporting strategy. Failure to do so risks creating a lake which just becomes another silo, unusable and unused.

We work with you

With the right approach, data lakes can be an effective component of your overall data strategy. BlackCat can help you develop and build a secure, compliant data environment which will provide a ‘single source of truth’, based on data you can trust and use. We’ll work with you to ‘democratise’ the data, making it available to people enterprise-wide to analyse and interpret for real business advantage.

We do this using our own blueprint based on proven methodologies and leading technologies. 

  • Make better decisions based on data you trust
  • Achieve a single source of the truth
  • Facilitate quick and complete data discovery for improved insight

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Whitepaper - Data Democratisation Blueprint

Data democratisation is the process, tools and technology which enable a business to provide complete and trusted data to decision-makers around the business. We take a look at the challenges this presents and put forward a blueprint to help you create value from your data by acting on the insights it generates.

Blog - Data Lakes vs. Data Warehouses

Data warehouse or data lake? Which is best? Ask Google and you’ll get a vast array of different answers. BlackCat’s Chief Architect, Matt Todd takes a look at the pros and cons of both and suggests a best of both worlds is possible.

Whitepaper - Riding the Wave of the Data Revolution

Our Whitepaper focusses on the ‘value’ of data and the need for a strategy-first approach when looking for ways to manage the ever-increasing volumes being generated. 

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