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Accelerate Product Delivery

Accelerate.  Advance.  Innovate.

The need to develop more products faster than ever and accelerate product delivery is a recurring theme for our customers and one of the main reasons they turn to BlackCat for help. 

  • You need to keep pace with the increasing rate of change
  • Releases are slipping and you are in danger of getting left behind the competition
  • The Board has re-prioritised a project and you have to switch gears to meet the new deadline

How we help

Technology plays a central role in keeping up with market demand, delivering on business strategies and being able to provide better customer experiences. Staying ahead of the competition is crucial but difficult whether technology is your core business or not.

Our core Delivery Acceleration capability aggregates all of our specialisms to provide a scalable model of top-quality delivery teams who live and breathe agile delivery, accelerating your product development roadmap. We provide entire teams, as well as embedding individuals into your existing teams to support them.

We work with you

This service isn’t just about accelerating delivery while you are engaged with it – it’s about improving your own capability for the long term, no matter how long you choose to work with us.

We do this with a simple commercial engagement model, at a lower overall cost.

We support the entire set of people, both yours and ours, as a single collaborative organisation. Our Architectural and Technology consultants work across all customers and all teams, performing R&D and providing the leadership and advice that they need to choose and implement the right technologies.



  • Accelerate business outcomes
  • Reduce feedback loops
  • Achieve high performance

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Case Study - Elsevier

Elsevier brought BlackCat on board to collaboratively accelerate their programme delivery, through a combination of focussed high performing teams backed by highly effective consultancy.  Read how we did it.

Whitepaper - Keeping Sight of the Product Vision

Some projects fail to deliver due to failures with the product vision. This whitepaper examines the role of the product owner in defining and communicating the vision and provides practical ideas for getting things back on track if they go off-course.

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