How We Help

At BlackCat we help businesses solve many complex business problems. Here are just a few.

Data Lake Blueprint

Data lakes are emerging as a recognised solution for businesses to manage and make sense of their data. BlackCat  will help you get the right data to the right people around your business drawing on the latest thinking regarding successful implementation of data lakes.

Project Recovery

Sometimes delivery goes off track, projects lose momentum or fail to deliver the anticipated value. BlackCat can help you understand what’s gone wrong and how to turn things around to get your project back on course.

Improving Operational Performance

BlackCat has significant experience in implementing processes and organisational structures to bring about the most successful ongoing process for your product development programme. Start the ball rolling with our programme audit service.

Accelerate Product Delivery

BlackCat accelerates product delivery and improves your own development capability long term through people, process, technology and knowledge transfer.

We will always say and do what we believe to be in the best interests of our customers to help them improve their own performance through leading technology solutions.

When you choose to work with BlackCat you can be confident that you are selecting an expert partner you can trust.