Our eBook offers a 4-phase approach to accelerating your cloud journey.  We walk through the various phases from setting the vision to migration, covering key considerations for success plus the various options available to you at each stage.

We will cover:

  • Setting the vision – How to make sure you are building the right solution for your business. Invest time now to avoid disappointment downstream.
  • The skills you will need to implement – Successful migration requires understanding of the true status of your
    current infrastructure, skills and capacity. This may be more difficult than you expect if you have multiple legacy business silos to unlock.
  • Lift & shift vs. deeper integration – How deep will you go?  What’s the right approach for your business?
  • Managing your migration – Horizontal or Vertical? Consider an Agile approach to migration in order to accelerate time to value.

At BlackCat, we have plenty of experience helping people along this journey so we’re well aware of the pitfalls that can negatively affect the outcome. This guide will try to demystify the process. It is not intended to be an in-depth ‘how to’ – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and as such, your cloud journey should be a consultative, iterative process. However we will give you key considerations and a logical approach to help you figure out your best way forward.


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BlackCat Guide – Accelerating your Cloud Journey; A Four-Phase Approach to Cloud Migration.