AUTHOR: Alison Shepherd, Talent Manager at BlackCat


Digital transformation and the adoption of new technologies are necessary to allow businesses to deliver ever-better customer experiences and compete effectively in fast-paced markets. This means that technology leaders and their teams are frequently at the forefront of transformation and change – not just through the implementation of new technologies and digital platforms, but also potentially changes in ‘how we do things round here’.

Change can be disconcerting and requires careful management to win hearts and minds, encourage adoption and advance collectively towards goals. This requires the right people, empowered by a culture which fosters innovation.

This paper will take an in-depth look at what we mean by culture, why it matters to technology leaders and what they can do to positively influence it.

What you will Learn

  • What we mean by corporate culture and why it’s important
  • How to define, measure and evaluate your culture
  • Why your culture needs to evolve over time
  • What type of culture will encourage innovation
  • Why psychological safety is important

Read the whitepaper here.

Why Culture is the Key to Digital Transformation.

Author: Alison Shepherd, Talent Manager at BlackCat.