Selecting the right data management platform for your business; buy, build or something in between? Download our eBook.

5Vs of data

What we cover:

  • What is a data management platform?
  • the 5 Vs of data – understanding what you are managing
  • The 80/20 rule – determining factors as to why you might want to buy vs. build
  • Risks and benefits of both options
  • Proven technology tools
  • A proven delivery approach for your data management platform


Do you make your business decisions based on instinct, a gut feel or previous experience? Or are you informed by data?

While the most dynamic of business leaders will likely have a natural flair for what
what works for their company’s unique environment, there is no escaping the fact that in high-performing organisations, data is king. 

Data, when applied effectively, is the stepping stone towards better business; helping you to make more intelligent and informed decisions.  It is those companies that are truly data-driven, that are using and embracing data to its full advantage, that will succeed.

So, where does this leave your business?  Are you riding the wave of the data revolution, or stuck in a rut, struggling to cope with the ever-increasing volumes and types of information with an outdated, legacy system?

Here at BlackCat, we understand that many organisations are on the same, complex journey.  You’re working hard to release the value of big data.  You know you want to generate actionable insights and you know you need the right data management platform to help you, but you lack the necessary resources, and possibly the experience, to achieve your goal.

And, even if you have started considering the available technologies, you don’t know which route to take – buy, build or something in-between.  Don’t worry – you’re not alone!

data value cycle

In this guide, we give you impartial advice on how to implement the right data management solution for your business.  We take you through a series of steps, which will ultimately help you to decide whether an off-the shelf or more bespoke option would be best for your business.

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BlackCat Guide: Improving time-to-value with your data management solution.