The Customer

ICIS, the Independent Commodity Intelligence Service, connects data, markets and customers to create a comprehensive, trusted view of the global commodities markets, enabling smarter business decisions that optimise the world’s resources.

Over the past four decades, it has cultivated deep expertise in downstream petrochemicals, supported by its ever-expanding reach in the energy and fertilizer markets. Today, ICIS is one of the world’s largest and most trusted petrochemicals market intelligence providers.

The Business Goals

ICIS recognised the need to transition to a fully modern, data-driven analytics business to accelerate innovation, deliver better customer experience and ultimately increase company performance through meaningful insight. They embarked on a wide scale Data Transformation programme and appointed BlackCat as their strategy and delivery partner.

The Data Challenge

To move to a fully modern data business ICIS had a number of opportunities to explore:

  • How to bring together data from multiple legacy silos. Data quality and provenance was not consistent and the data itself could not be easily and comprehensively accessed by stakeholders throughout the business.
  • How to enable collaboration. Data was being consumed by individuals in narrow silos preventing effective cross-team collaboration and longer term re-use of the value within datasets.

Project Goals and Scope

To support the broader business goals, specific project goals were:

  • To create a single source of truth data platform for the ingestion, transformation, and consumption of data within ICIS to further transform it from a reporting to a data analytics business.
  • To provide the business with a clear and comprehensive view of the data assets available and to make these readily searchable and usable to stakeholders throughout the business.
  • To enforce data quality and thereby increase trust in the data as well as optimise its usability by the implementation of improved Data Governance policies and processes.

To find out how we approached this project and the results, download the full case study.

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Customer Success Story

ICIS Data Lake Implementation