The Formula 1 manufacturing industry is fast-paced and characterised by constant design changes, as engineers push the boundaries of possibility with regards to current engine design.

This requires a rapid “plan, buy, build” cycle with very little repeat manufacture, which is not a typical manufacturing scenario. Our client’s existing solution required jumping between too many screens to perform the activities, slowing them down considerably. Additionally, there was no capability for integrated communication with suppliers, leading to difficulty in tracking the status of purchase orders.

BlackCat created a custom browser-based user interface for the client’s system, using the Dojo Javascript framework. The user interface was optimised for large monitors and was designed specifically around business processes, allowing key activities to be completed within a single screen. Our solution provided work lists, using complex grids with sophisticated filtering and sorting capabilities that enabled users to quickly focus on relevant data. Additionally, users were able to view information related to their task, such as technical information relating to a required part, without leaving their work list screen.

Finally, we provided a fully interactive supplier portal available from anywhere on the Internet, allowing suppliers to respond to RFQs, download technical information and provide updates on the progress of Purchase Orders.

We significantly improved productivity within the planning and purchasing processes, enabling increased overall visibility of the supply and demand situation. This has led to significant cost savings and greatly reduced cycle times.