Elsevier brought BlackCat on board to collaboratively accelerate their programme delivery, through a combination of focussed high performing teams backed by highly effective consultancy. We have provided a range of consulting services from agile & behavioural advice through to DevOps process definition & technology guidance. Together we have built a platform for the delivery teams which accelerates the business outcomes, striking the right balance between minimising management overhead for Elsevier whilst being collaborative and transparent.

Our key achievements at Elsevier have been:

  • The creation of a seamless continuous integration & delivery pipeline to support a DevOps loop with a very short cycle time;
  • The implementation of a state of the art, containerised, auto-scalable micro-services platform deployed onto the cloud, which will be used to replace a legacy journal production oracle forms system;
  • The accelerated delivery of a system that manages digital journal content collections.

We continue to work closely with Elsevier, supporting them across their product development lifecycle, from business case to benefit realisation.