Using story maps to retain the bigger picture once we have abandoned Big Design Up Front

Once we accept that Big Design Up Front doesn’t work, and that big version-controlled documents that can’t be easily revised and corrected don’t promote shared understanding in a team, then we’re ready to do Agile. Our team is excited and ready to experience this brave new world, freed from the...

Date Published: 16/12/2017 | Tags: ,

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How targets prevent high performing teams

We need high performing teams! High performing teams bring value to our customers at a greater rate.  The faster we do that, the more competitive we are. The use of individual performance metrics is a highly corrosive anti-pattern to the realisation of that goal. Teams deliver projects, not individuals In...

Date Published: 27/09/2016 | Tags: , ,

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Why specification by example?

I recently attended the Agile Testing and BDD Exchange. It was great to get my head back in to that space again and listen to some really knowledgeable speakers. We even got a Gojko versus Dan North impromptu sparring session, and you couldn’t ask for two better speakers to be bouncing ideas...

Date Published: 04/05/2016

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Running doh tests under PhantomJS for Continuous Integration

We tend to use doh quite a bit on our dojo projects. One common requirement is to be able run those tests headless for CI purposes. When thinking about headless testing of apps, PhantomJS naturally springs to mind. Looking around, we didn’t find very much in the way of examples for this, but this blog...

Date Published: 26/09/2013

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Initial release of filtering multi-select combo component

We’re pleased to announce the initial release of our filtering multi-select combo component. You can see a demo here. This component is designed to allow multiple selection from large data sets, and uses a regular dijit ComboButton combined with a custom popup that uses a dgrid for easy filtering. Features:...

Date Published: 26/02/2013

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