AUTHOR: Craig Barker, Co-Founder at BlackCat


Agile principles were born nearly 20 years ago to enable businesses to accelerate product delivery in the face of disruption. Many organisations have been through some sort of agile transformation, but do not feel they are realising the benefits they expected before embarking on the journey.

Agile transformations do not always provide the business with clarity over how they will maintain and nurture their agility. All too often, the agile transformations focus on structuring the delivery teams to align to a set of frameworks, creating a silo of pseudo-agility.

Achieving real agility for the long term is hard and cannot be achieved without the entire organisation adopting the principles and behaviours on which it is underpinned. This requires significant structural, cultural and technical change to fully achieve the benefits.

This whitepaper will look at the problems experienced by businesses who believe they have undergone Agile transformation or are part way along the journey but don’t feel they have achieved the anticipated value of Agile. It will explore the fundamental elements that need to be in place to maximise success for the long term. It will highlight a ‘test and learn’ approach, which is at the very heart of Agile principles, that will enable you to take incremental, progressive and sustainable steps along your Agile journey, which works for your unique business environment.

What you will learn:

  • The common challenges that businesses face in transforming to Agile and embedding the principles and behaviours into the organisation
  • How to perform an agility health check to overcome some of these challenges
  • The tools and techniques that can help with the transition to Agile
  • How to measure success through KPIs and implement further improvements

Read the whitepaper here.

Real-World Agile Transformation; Why Pseudo-Agility is the Biggest Barrier to Agile Transformation.

Author:  Craig Barker, Co-Founder at BlackCat


Who contributed to this article

  • Craig Barker
    Co-Founder at BlackCat

    Craig Barker is BlackCat’s Chief Customer Officer and co-founder. He acts as the voice of the customer, ensuring the business remains focussed on their needs and that we always deliver the best possible outcomes. Craig also supports BlackCat’s engagement and delivery functions and can often be found guiding and coaching our teams, encouraging a culture of collaboration and learning. Craig’s background is technical. Prior to founding BlackCat with Simon Godden, he gained a first class honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Aston then built up almost 20 years experience in delivering innovative software across a variety of industry sectors. He’s an advocate of lean and agile methodologies and is happiest in the thick of the most complex of deliveries.