BlackCat was founded by Simon and Craig, two software development professionals with over 35 years of combined technical and managerial experience within large, blue-chip organisations. BlackCat recruit and mentor only the most skilled and motivated software engineering professionals, providing you with consistent access to the best resources in the industry. Whether it’s creating a new project from scratch, or incrementally improving and maintaining your existing solutions, BlackCat delivers.

BlackCat provide the highest quality professionals throughout the life of your project, resulting in a smoother build process with continual feedback.

Results driven:

With a deep understanding of corporate companies and their values, we can help you identify your software needs efficiently to ensure that the right solution is implemented to deliver your strategic goals. We believe in working smart – if a robust alternative solution can be delivered in a shorter timeframe and lower cost, we will recommend it to you.

BlackCat helps you deliver the correct solution quickly, at a lower overall cost.

Faster completion time:

BlackCat are specialists in the use of Lean and Agile processes to create deliverable software
in shorter timescales. Through regular feedback loops we are able to advise, resolve and refine the project quickly as the requirement adapts through the course of the development. We communicate clearly and being exclusively UK based we are available when you are.

BlackCat provide you a faster time to market with a lower risk profile.

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