Developing software is our business. We specialise in hunting out the real business value from the initial idea, discarding features that do not add value, and delivering the maximum return in the minimum time frame.


From an initial discussion of your requirement, which can take as little as an hour or as much as a day, we will produce an initial recommendation for an overall solution, and a recommendation of what type of project development process we feel is most suitable to get us to delivery.

We’ll work with you to break the deliverables down into bite-sized pieces, understand them as a whole, and push you to justify the business value of each. We then prioritise the survivors ruthlessly, and get working! You’ll have your first demo within two weeks, and further demos every two weeks thereafter.

By providing such regular feedback, along with an assessment of where we are in the overall project development, we provide you with the ability to change course early if you recognise that you hadn’t quite expressed your original idea correctly, as well as getting regular feedback to reassure stakeholders of progress.

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