We provide a full-stack and full-lifecycle development capability, from product conception to delivery.

Before developing anything, our expertise in requirements gathering and clarification ensures that the right solution is being built.Once in to the development phase, our multi-tier skills ensure the creation of a top quality end product.

At the front end, we specialise in cutting edge frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap, AngularJS, jQuery, Dojo and ExtJS, to provide pixel-perfect, clean and attractive user interfaces that will enhance stakeholder buy-in.

At the back end, our expertise includes the industry-standard Java-based Spring Framework, Microsoft’s .NET platform, and NodeJS. We also offer a SAP development capability, bringing your ERP system right up to date with modern web and usability standards.

Lean and Agile specialists

BlackCat are specialists in the use of lean and agile values and techniques to create shippable software on very short iterations, potentially as regularly as every two weeks.

This reduces risk profiles by providing customers with short feedback loops, offering frequent opportunities for course correction and re-prioritisation, as the client discovers the depth of their requirements and the relative return on investment of different features.

We offer clients our extensive experience of high level lean principles and the detailed implementation of SCRUM, including the services of several certified SCRUM masters. In addition, we have built a wider network of consultancies within the industry, with whom we can help to bring about cultural change at clients who are in transition.

We are well practised in the configuration and usage of appropriate build-time processes and tools, such as Test-Driven Development, Behaviour-Driven Development, Specification by Example and Continuous Integration. We use a variety of industry standard tools to ensure that software is within quality parameters and remains in a constantly shippable state.

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